Welcome to Universal Employment Solution Provider Agency

welcome to universal employment solution provider Agency (U.E.S.P.A); we are Kenyan based company, registered by the Kenyan Government, fully compliance, having been fully registered and fully licensed by the Ministry of labor to Recruit and create job opportunities for our National youth, locally and internationally. We are highly motivated professionals and are performance driven team. Our standards of excellence exude passion that we put into the job creation project. We partner with various professionals/consultants in order to provide an excellent, quality, expertise and profitable long lasting solution to youth job creation. Universal Employment Solution Provider Agency is the best Human Resource (HR) Company in Kenya. Our company headquarter is located in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and we have offices across East and Central Africa. We are able to offer youth employment solution globally. We work in a spirit of partnership, Good relations, Good Governance based on mutual respect, valued contribution, and trust. We have developed a truly innovative organization with global reach and local expertise spanning a wide range of services. We offer a wide range of youth job opportunities to work in Middle East Countries like:- Dubai, Turkey, Qatar, China, Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon

We are the Best in Human Resource Management, limited by vision but not our abilities….. .